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- After School Adventures- Summer Camps- Guided Hikes- Birthday Parties

Mindfulness & Community

Grounding exercises, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in team building games are staples of every day at Grateful Gatherings.

We weave interpersonal development into activities that center on gratitude, patience, compassion, consent, and self respect. These skills are crucial to longstanding positive relationships, emotional resilience, and self-sufficiency.

Nature Exploration

 We engage physically and playfully with the natural world, and provide a variety of location-based field trip opportunities- taking advantage of what each season has to offer. Activities include, but are not limited to; fishing, hiking, sledding, wildlife observing, gardening, harvesting, birding, tracking, nature crafts, building forts etc. 

Life Skills Development

Together we practice social, emotional and everyday practical skills. 

Our activities encourage  brainstorming, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, as well as the healthy expression of ideas.

 We know these skills bolster the internal motivation, confidence, and focus necessary to empower children to be their inquisitive selves.

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Adventure Summer Camp


Afterschool & Homeschool Enrichment

Steps for Enrollment:

Enrollment forms are on our website:

Enrollment fee: $25 paid through Venmo @gratefulgatheringfarms

Children are required to bring a backpack, snack, water bottle, a change of clothes.

Please have your child prepped with: fully waterproof rain and snow gear.

Prior to your child’s first day, you’ll receive a detailed outline of dates and locations and lesson plans. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteer teaching a specific skill or nature lesson, please reach out to discuss further!

Tuition is paid monthly on the 1st through Venmo @gratefulgatheringfarms

(pricing and schedule subject to change depending on the seasonal term)

Please let us know if you have any questions, we are looking forward to connecting with each of you! 

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