Grateful Gathering Farms


A Shared Vision

We believe there's nothing more important for our youth, and our planet's future, than for each child to gain and nurture their relationship with nature. We know kids learn best by following their curiosity & we chase that curiosity as we explore our natural world. 

We envision a place for children to develop basic life skills, mindfulness, and explore creativity- as well as experience real life science, literacy, and maths.

We take mindful reflection moments, problem solve and learn how to work as a team. We practice compassion, healthy communication, and learn the importance of community and camaraderie.

Currently, we are partnered with local community gardens, and utilize our public areas. 


Currently working together at

Mindful Forest School in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mackenzy Johnson, and Brittany Walker join forces to expand real life opportunities for children as they grow.

Meet Our Grateful Family

Mackenzy Johnson grew up at the mouth of American Fork Canyon and has spent her life exploring the Wasatch Mountain Range. It was there she gained her passion for nature, wildlife, a sense of independence, and play.
She enjoys  anything outside! Climbing, creating art, woodworking, fishing, hiking and camping, and gardening.
Mackenzy spent her 20's dedicated to a career in conservation and has been determined to find a way to incorporate those skills in a beneficial way for kids. She is gifted in Psychology, Mental and Emotional Health and has been certified in Emotional Process Therapy since 2015.
Mackenzy has been teaching alongside Sara Wild at Mindful Forest School since early 2020, and is dedicated to grow with the vision.

Brittany Walker was raised in Virginia, spending her early years camping and adventuring around Appalachia. Brittany earned a Bachelors of Science in Human Development from Virginia Tech, and taught at a Montessori school after graduation.

In 2016 Brittany moved westward, 
serving in the Utah & Washington Conservation Corps; building trails, planting trees, working in disaster response, and as a Wildland Firefighter.

She spends her time outside hiking, gardening, practicing yoga, foraging, and singing.
Brittany believes the outdoors are essential for children; unfolding their individuality, creativity, and exploring freedom. She knows that the more children learn about nature, the more compassion they have for our planet, others, and themselves.